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What The Different Eye Shapes Mean For Your Makeup (And Your Personality)

Why is it that a smokey eye looks so smoulderingly sexy on your friend, but muddy on you? Personally, when I attempt the smokey eye, I look like a raccoon. What should we do if a particular eye makeup look, instead of dazzling, makes us look, well, dazed? It all comes down to knowing the different […]


How To Use Toner: The Beginner’s Guide For All Skin Types

You’re convinced you should buy it, but do you know how to use toner? If you haven’t been living in a pineapple under the sea, you’ve seen the Korean revolution on skincare and its 10 steps. Gone are the days of incredibly astringent and drying toners and in is the generation of hydrating, humectant ones. […]


Does CBD Skincare Actually Work? 

Enter CBD skincare – it’s slowly moved from the hushed, whispered circles of beauty enthusiasts to something that’s seen as sophisticated and luxurious.  Sheet masks, creams, serums – even coffee has been infused with CBD oil so we can reap the healing benefits.  We were curious as any to hear about the latest buzzy ingredient […]


Why Beta Hydroxy Acid Is Your Solution To Oily Skin

  Here’s your complete guide to beta hydroxy acid (BHA) for skin care. You’ve reached the exfoliating step of your Korean skin care routine, but it can get confusing when 2 different exfoliating terms appear – chemical and physical exfoliation. So, what on earth is the difference? Essentially, chemical exfoliation is the preferred method as […]


The Honey Face Wash Insta-Trend For Clearer Skin

In skin care, there are always moments when you wonder whether what you’re doing to your skin is working. And there are moments you feel thrilled because you’ve reached a time when you’re skin is at the clearest and glowiest it’s ever been. My own ‘aha’ moment came from a simple ingredient – honey, pure […]


How To Apply Makeup For Wide-Set Eyes

It’s important to understand that not all makeup looks or application techniques are universally flattering. Since makeup is meant to enhance our natural beauty, finding the right techniques to complement our facial features is the very first step in achieving a flawless makeup application.  This is especially true when it comes to eye makeup. For […]