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What The Different Eye Shapes Mean For Your Makeup (And Your Personality)

Why is it that a smokey eye looks so smoulderingly sexy on your friend, but muddy on you? Personally, when I attempt the smokey eye, I look like a raccoon. What should we do if a particular eye makeup look, instead of dazzling, makes us look, well, dazed? It all comes down to knowing the different […]


How To Apply Makeup For Wide-Set Eyes

It’s important to understand that not all makeup looks or application techniques are universally flattering. Since makeup is meant to enhance our natural beauty, finding the right techniques to complement our facial features is the very first step in achieving a flawless makeup application.  This is especially true when it comes to eye makeup. For […]


How to Apply Makeup for Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes have nothing to do with the shape of your eye. What we’re talking about here is where they’re positioned.  To explain, almond, round or monolid eyes describe the shape of the eye, usually by looking at your crease and the distance between your eyebrow arch and the lashes.  With deep-set eyes, however, we’re […]


Flattering Makeup and Hairstyle Tips For Close-Set Eyes

What’s the secret to applying perfect eye makeup? Well, it’s not much of a secret but a good place to start is knowing your eye shape. That’s because not all makeup looks and techniques are universally flattering.  What looks great on a pair of wide-set eyes is definitely not going to have the same effect […]


Simple Eye Makeup Hacks for Protruding Eyes

Protruding eyes are when you have big, round eyes — like doe eyes! Lovely eyes! But as you’ve probably realized through experimentation, the wrong eye makeup look can be unflattering. The goal for protruding eyes is to make them appear softer and more beckoning instead of exaggerating their size.  If you too want to enhance […]


Easy Makeup Tutorials for Almond Shaped Eyes

Ever wonder why an eyeshadow look that appears incredible on your friend might not look as good on you?  Eye makeup is often considered to be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ application. But shape matters. And knowing your eye shape will help you get out of a rut and help guide you towards new eyeshadow looks.  Just like […]


How to Show off Your Monolid Eyes With These Essential Makeup Tips 

These days, more and more Asian girls are opting to keep their signature monolid looks, instead of undergoing surgery to create double lids–a procedure that’s losing some of its popularity.  Monolids have so many eye technique options when it comes to applying makeup. They have a flatter surface which leaves so much room to be […]