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Collagen for Skin, Hair and Beauty Guide: Is collagen the anti-aging miracle?

What is collagen? What if we told you that it’s the ONE ingredient that could minimize wrinkles while keeping your skin firm, soft and smooth? Likely, you’d probably want evidence. Research. Hard data and results instead of all the he say, she say celebrity and marketing rhetoric. Rightfully so, because we’re all searching for the […]


10 Ways You Can Increase Collagen for Skin to Fight Wrinkles!

As your beauty obsessed editors, finding ways on how to increase collagen is a much-determined pursuit of ours. Why? Well, collagen loss with aging is no joke. In fact, we lose collagen every year starting at the age of 20, which in turn creates deep wrinkles, fine lines, hair loss and even, brittle fingernails — […]


Research Shows Using Collagen for Hair Growth and Loss Could Work, But Should You Try It?

What makes your hair strong and your skin elastic? Collagen for hair growth and skin is touted as the latest solution. Everyone is chatting about it as the fountain of youth — names like Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian are putting it in their coffee and releasing a line of collagen products. And it’s all […]