We believe that better skincare starts with prevention.

Our Story

Kiseu (‘kiss’ in Korean) is a Vancouver-based skincare company committed to sharing the secrets of timeless beauty. Steeped in the rich traditions of combining natural ingredients with carefully crafted skincare rituals, Asian beauty relies on a centuries-old wisdom for achieving an eternal healthy glow. We recognize that the journey to achieve these qualities is entirely unique for everyone. That’s why we’re here to show you how to pamper and care for your skin with Korean-approved methods and innovative products to achieve inner confidence.


The Kiseu Promise

Everything you find at Kiseu will get you real results along with the confidence that your skin will remain healthy for longer. We’ve personally witnessed skin changes after incorporating a 10-step Korean skin care routine into our day and knew we wanted to share it with the world.

Drawing from a blend of traditional knowledge combined with modern innovation, we hope that our carefully crafted products contribute to your own success. We want to help you on your journey towards skin transformation and empowerment of self love through clean products that work.

Our Philosophy

Drawing from a rich legacy of Asian beauty, specifically that from South Korea, Kiseu is dedicated to restoring and reinvigorating cherished traditions of health and skincare. We truly believe you can cultivate wellness and beauty from the inside and out. And when it comes to skincare, that means addressing the source of a skin problem instead of covering it up with makeup and spot solutions!

The skin care routine is more than a routine – it’s a lifestyle. Our skin-first philosophy means hydrating your skin and using nutrient-rich products that treat problems before they start. The Kiseu philosophy means providing you with a holistic and harmonious approach to skincare through the rejuvenating ingredients of nature.

Our Products

We formulate clean, innovative, cruelty-free products using the highest quality ingredients. Regenerate, hydrate and brighten your skin with our advanced skincare products for flawless skin.

Check out the best ingredients you can use for skin here:

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